Tracking is an amazing window into the natural world, allowing a person with a trained eye to detect animals and movement patterns that are completely missed by 99% of the population. Most animals are very secretive around people, and many are only active at night. As a result, most wildlife is never seen.

Our goal is to teach these skills to show people how to connect with the environment at a deeper level, and to offer field expeditions to give people a wilderness adventure using tracking as the window to understanding the local ecosystem.

Tracking School

tracking-school.jpgTracking was an integral skill in the development and survival of our species, and is literally hardwired into our DNA. Tracing the chronology of Homo Sapiens from our earliest beginnings some 150,000 years ago. Read More

Wolf Tracking Expeditions


Our wolf tracking expeditions are designed to give people an unforgettable wilderness adventure stimulating new insights and a deeper understanding of the forest animals and ecosystems . Read More

Field Expeditions

field_exp.jpgWe will be conducting 4-7 day field expeditions to different remote areas in Eastern Oregon for extended immersion in pristine habitats to experience and study a variety of ecosystems. Read More